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Oprah Unveils Truth About Puppy Mills

picture-6.pngPuppy mills is a factory-breeding business that often employ cruel treatment in atrocious conditions, excessive breeding, repetitive birthing. The mothers and fathers are never bathed, never receive medical care, and are forced to live their entire lives in small cages. Mothers ween so many puppies they develop tumors. The chains around their necks are so embedded into their neck they grow into their skin. They will never roam or run; most never even set foot on pavement. The puppies are pulled from weening so they don’t develop proper immune systems from their mothers’ milk. Most of the puppies will be ill by the time they hit your local pet store, and more than 50% of these puppies get returned or die within the first two year. Oprah did an exposé on her show on Friday April 4, 2008. 


1. If you must buy a puppy, find a responsible breeder or breed rescue, not a puppy “store”.  
2. Instead of buying a puppy, adopt one from a local shelter. Homeless pets are waiting for loving homes. Unfortunately, many shelters euthanize them due to overpopulation. So help save a life!
3.  If you’re brave, go into the pet store and ask them where their puppies come from. Inform them that it’s cruel and how you feel about it. Write to their store manager or spread the word.
4. Visit this page for more info.
5. Sign a pledge!


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