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Lonely Dog


This is a beautiful, serene photograph of a lonely dog sitting in the street with snow falling. I forget where it came from, but I’d like to credit it when I find the information.

I wonder what this dog is thinking or feeling — Is he just enjoying the snow? Or is he waiting for a kind samaritan to give him a home?


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5 Responses

  1. Glen Dicecco says:

    I believe that picture is of a dog in the rain, not the snow. With the snow there would probably already be a layer on the ground with that much falling. Also, the trees do not seem to have their leaves turned orange or red at all (or fall of entirely) which usually happens long before the first snowfall. Lastly, the texture on the ground looks like rain-splashes.

  2. ghassan says:

    its so hard to mention my feelings first time i saw this pic. its really hard to be alone.

  3. How can I purchase this picture?

  4. Tanya says:

    I’m involved in dog rescue. This is a picture of a dog who is lost or has been dumped by his owners. There isn’t a dog alive that enjoys sitting out in a rainstorm, most especially in the middle of the street. He’s trying to bring attention to himself…possibly waiting on his family to return or he’s hungry and hurting and desperate for help. This photo breaks my heart…I can almost feel his loneliness and desperation. :(((

  5. wobiii says:

    This pic made me get off the computer and hug my dogs

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