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Cats for Tough Guys

Well, that confirms it. Tough guys love cats. So if you know any guy who says cats are gay or girlie, tell him to see these videos. Join the movement on Facebook and get updates on videos from YouTube.


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Support PETCO’s First National Pet Food Drive

Help feed hungry pets and animals – from Care2Cause:

“PETCO and the PETCO Foundation, along with help from Best Friends Animal Society, are launching the first national pet food drive in the U.S. that will last November 5-15.

In March PETCO and the PETCO Foundation started a pet food drive in select stores. Now there are collection bins in over 1,000 locations throughout the country. So far, the venture has already collected more than 110 tons of food and litter.

With the guiding principle that people shouldn’t have to choose between feeding themselves, their kids or their pets, or giving up their pets in tough times, stores are partnering with food banks and rescue groups in their community to provide pet food and litter to pet parents in need. Hill’s Science Diet will also be matching donations bag-for-bag, up to 25,000 pounds, for every bag of their cat or dog food purchased at a PETCO store and donated to the drive.

Volunteers from Best Friends will also be at 198 stores on Nov 6-7 and 13-14 to help with the food drive and tell people about their No More Homeless Pets campaign. Check here to find a list of stores where they will be volunteering.”

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Something Fun For Cat Lovers

From two engineers – you can’t go wrong!

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Fur Farms

I don’t have to watch this video, because I’ve seen them all before. It’s quite upsetting, but for those of you who still thinks fur is a just cause for fashion, or if you just don’t believe how awful this industry is, watch the video. I would only warn that it might be very upsetting.

PETA or no PETA, this video exposing Chinese fur farms is evident that such atrocities exist. Google this issue if you don’t trust Peta- it’s out there, and it has nothing to do with whether you’re an extremist or not. Fur is just wrong. No animals should endure such pain and inhumanity.

Please help by telling your friends, write blog posts, and make a donation to help animal welfare agencies expose this — imagine the impact this would have if it’s on Oprah or 20/20?

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Another Puppy Mill Crackdown

American Humane Society’s Red Star Team that specializes in animal rescue and emergency services, busted yet another puppy mill in Mississippi. Among 100 puppies and mothers were fortunate enough to be seized from this compound, reportedly were “feces-encrusted pens and filth. These poor little creatures include such breeds as Shih Tzus, Lhasa apsos, pugs, Yorkshire terriers, corgis, and Chihuahuas. Many of them appeared to be underweight and have skin diseases, among other possible medical conditions.”

Read the full article here. Let’s keep spreading this news and stop cruel industry from staying in business.

Read about other puppy mill issues here:

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On Oprah: Angel’s Gate Animal Hospice

Oprah Unveils Truth About Puppy Mills

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Happy New Year but not for Dogs in China

First thing’s first. It pains me to having repeat this subject, but with Chinese New Year and the Year of the Tiger this year, it is ironic to imagine how such a culture that put animals as symbols of fortune, prosperity, and pride, can practice such a disgusting act of cruelty to the very same animals they supposedly adorn.

In the below post from a fellow blogger, once again, the subject of dogs and cats beings excruciating mistreated and killed in the name of fur is exposed by a Chinese pedestrian. Below, and he quotes:

“…After throwing the animals on the ground, the workers can also be seen kicking them as they lie helpless and shrieking in pain. According to the video, this inhumane way of producing fur coats is often unknown to western shoppers who buy fur products, oblivious to where the fur has come from. In an email, STOMPer Cheong says:

“What’s wrong with these people? “Circulate this and expose their deeds because they ought to be punished.”

The videos in that post is really graphic. But for those of you who are oblivious to where your furs come from, you NEED to know this, and you need to care. You may say “What’s the difference between you anti-fur people and eating steak or chicken?” Well, there isn’t really. But dogs and cats are one notch up in our world, as they are our companions, even to the Chinese. Many of these dogs are actually STOLEN from their homes illegally. So why are they suffering so, and for fashion?

Let’s make this new year one that’s informed so we can help decrease of unnecessary suffering of all living things.

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Outdoor Shelter for Your Backyard Friends

It could get out of hand, however, if you don’t leave food out, you will not likely invite a whole feral colony into your backyard. However, you CAN help out the little stray kitty or two in your neighborhood or backyard this winter, by providing a little house to shield them from the high winds and snow.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, although you can get on for $50 at Target or as little as $39 at Or, repurpose an old plastic storage bin, cut a hole on one side (be sure to tape the edges so it doesn’t hurt the kitty) and put some out fleece or newspaper in it. Even a solid cardboard box, and you could line the entire box’s outside with duct tape (so it weathers well). There are things you can do for your furry friends.

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Help Greyhounds

Grey2K USA, the first group to successfully close down dog tracks through the citizens initiative process, passing Massachusetts Ballot Question 3 has asked me to add them to my list of animal organizations. I think what they are doing is great. Greyhounds, like other dogs, deserve protection and greater awareness worldwide. Like horse-racing, I believe it is unethical to raise any breed for gaming and entertainment, especially for profit. Many of these racing dogs, if not all, are raised for one purpose, to win. Often they live in kennels through their whole lives, if not undergoing intensive training daily. The unlucky ones are put down once they get older and are of no use on the tracks.

Please take a moment and go to Grey2K and learn more about this subject.

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Click on My Badge and Help Feed Homeless Dogs

Everyone, please click the badge to the right, and spend 2 minutes doing the quick activities through Social Vibe. You will totally help with feed homeless dogs in shelters at th LACPA. Happy Holiday!

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Help Animals This Summer

10 things you can do

I’ve gathered 10 items from various sources with suggestions on how you can help the animal causes this month. They are all easy to do and some will feel really rewarding. Small steps – big leap for animals!

1. Write to corporations and governments that practice or support puppy mills (including your local pet shop selling puppies), factory farming, and other abuse you feel passionate about.

2. Learn to cook a fabulous vegan or vegetarian meal, and share the recipes with your friends! Get recipes here

3. Meet people like you anywhere like online communities, who advocate for animals – share ideas and debate. Go to and learn more, or social sites like Humane Society Network.

4. Volunteer at your local animal shelter or the ASCPA, in New York City/Brooklyn, a great one that needs a lot of help is BARC Shelter in the Dumbo district. You will help walk dogs around the park, bring a friend.

5. Scout out 3 animal welfare organizations that fit your cause, and donate $25, $50 or whatever you feel comfortable with to each organization. You would be surprised how much good a little money can do. My favorites are Defenders of Wildlife, Humane Society of the United States, International Fund For Animals. Local shelthers like the Northshore Animal League is no-kill, and Bide-a-Wee in NYC as well as BARC in Brooklyn.

6. Start a blog about animals, whether it’s just about the pure love of your favorite animal, breed. Or get even more active with a welfare blog. Make taking pictures this summer fun by starting a photo blog of the dogs and cats you see in your neighborhood.

7. Go to a local dog park, and enjoy a nice summer day. Appreciate the simplicities of life.

8. Attend a show at Cirque Du Soleil, a non-animal circus. They are amazing and far more entertaining than watching elephants get whipped into a standing position. See their show listings and schedule here.

9. Adopt a cat or dog at your local shelter. If you can, adopt one from a kill-shelter, as you can save lives, especially an adult who has a lesser chance of getting a loving home, or a cat with one eye who suffered abuse. They deserve your love. Go to and browse the thousands of animals.

10. Decide on an animal welfare topic most close to your heart, and make a simple flyer (don’t forget to include instructions on what they can do to make a difference) and pass it out at a farmer’s market, dog park, supermarkets, etc. This one takes a little bit of guts – I’ve done it once on the subject of Veal Cows – you will get positive encouragement from people, or some people just don’t care, but that’s how you start something important!

And finally, have fun!

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