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Save Wyoming’s Wolves

from Defenders of Wildlife

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and the new Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe announced details of Wyoming’s wolf management plan that would allow wolves to be shot on sight across the state, reports Defenders of Wildlife.

It is no mystery that wolf preservation has been in the spotlight and is a controversial issues. Farmers and private land owners claim that wolves kill their livestock which gives the state imperatives to eliminate some of the wolf population. While this may be a temporary solution, it is a cruel and unnecessary one, since there seems to be other ways to control this issue. Wolves remain in the decline, even as they have flourished over the last decade since reintroduction in this region. In Alaska, Sarah Palin and the state offers bounty for $150 per wolf killed. Wolves are chased down to exhaustion by helicopters, poisoned, trapped. Pups are left in dens to die, and sometimes, hunters seek them out and shoot all the pups on site. “this is not only unethical, it undermines the continued recovery of (wolves)” and “sabotage wolf migration from Wyoming to Colorado, Utah and other areas where wolves have historically made their homes.”

Tell the Fish and Wildlife Service that you’re outraged by this in Wyoming. Call the Service at 1-800-344-WILD (9453)

And note this: there has never been a recorded instance where wolves killed humans UNPROVOKED. There is a lot of misunderstanding about how wolves are evil – they are severely misrepresented. And as they are at the top of the food chain, are essential to the natural order of the species. Think deers are overrunning the wild? Well, if you kill the wolves, then we would have a bigger problem, and that would mean, more hunting, more unnecessary, killings of deers and other wildlife.


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6 Responses

  1. Thomas Cole says:

    I think you meant to write the opposite of this and probably did not mean to include the word NOT: “While this may be a temporary solution, it is not a cruel and unnecessary one, since there seems to be other ways to control this issue.”

    This is such an offensive issue. Ken Salazar and the Obama Administration continually serve as a Monica Lewinsky (in the sexual context) to business interests. “Yes We Can” sure turned out to be “Yes They Can, No We Can’t.”

    It’s called predatory capitalism – our country, and any chance of becoming what we claim to be, is swirling the toilet bowl because our very limp leader cannot stand up to the greedy, gluttonous thugs who are plundering our country.

    For 10 years we have been in an era of Big Business At Any Cost. From Wall Street to the oil fields to the Supreme Court our nation has been handed over to the self-serving mercenary interests of predators in business suits.

    Thanks for letting me rant. I feel better now. I wish I could say the same for our nation’s animals.

  2. babhomer6666 says:

    im a wyoming local and im planing on buying a wolf permit if it comes to that and not hunt for them that will save at least one wolf i hope some one else will do the same thing. any one know how i can get this messege out to get others to do the same?

    • Jojemud says:

      In getting this message out to others, forward this blog posts to your friends and the community who support this cause. You can also contact Defenders of Wildlife and ask them, I’m certain they will provide tips on how to spread the word in the most efficient way possible! They are the biggest proponents for wolves.

  3. People are going to get some bad karma for killing sacred creatures. I’ll bet some big money on that! And I am going to laugh. You shouldn’t play God. Maybe you ranchers should move your flock, herd, (what the heck ever) and leave them be. That was their home long before it was yours.I am also a Wyoming native.I think this is so wrong, And there are plenty others that see the malicious evil in killing off something living like that. I am spreading the word for sure!!!!! SPREAD THE WORD. SAVE THE WOLVES!!!

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