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A Quick Brief

I’ve been busy, so haven’t had a chance to address issues of late. Here is a few quick things:

1) Japan Tsumani /Earthquake – this sad event that occurred nearly two months ago is still having an enormous effect in the country and beyond. While thousands of human lives are lost and without homes and shelter, animals are also neglected, homeless and suffering. Please donate to the Red Cross to help with their efforts to help those in need, and go to American Humane Association’s Red Star Animal Rescue and give.

2) 2011 Canadian Seal Hunt – Another year, another heartache. I revisit this issue every year, and hopefully the number of seals to be hunted during this season has gone down. But it’s still happening—baby harp seals await teams of Canadian Seal hunters to bludgeon, shot, stabbed, and killed for their pelts. It’s unspeakable – please continue to spread the word and boycott Canadian products. For more information, visit


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Canadian Seal Hunt 2010

I’ve requested a cause to be created on Social Vibe. Please visit and join the discussion.

The Canadian Seal Hunt will soon begin again this winter. Each year, Canadian sealers charge their boats into the snowy territories in Northern Canada with clubs and shotguns in hand, ready for blood. Canada claims that this is necessary as it brings jobs and economical prosperity to the regions, yet many believe this explanation is unfounded. Each year, over 250,000 baby harp seals are slaughtered on the ice, for their skin and white fur. Barely 3 weeks old, they will be torn from their mothers, shot or clubbed on the head to death, while many, still alive and screaming in agony, skinned for their furs, a horrific murder scene on the pristine, beautiful snow tainted in red.There has been a public outcry against such unspeakable acts of cruelty. European countries have already banned Canadian food from import in 2009, and this will get even more attention this year. Please boycott Canadian goods and learn more about this issue and spread the word, sign as many petitions to help legislators bring an end to this. Thank you.

To learn more, please visit

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A Small Victory For Seals

On May 8, 2009, we won a small victory for seals – The European Parliament voted to outlaw buying or selling products of cruel commercial seal slaughter in all 27 nations of the EU. This was made possible because of all of your support. The EU was one of the world’s top market for seal product, and with this now banned, we can only hope that the seal hunt’s end is imminently possible in the near future. Watch the video at the bottom of the Humane Society homepage where Director of Canadian Wildlife Issues, Rebecca Aldworth, takes us on a brief journey into the seal hunt story and tells how we can all do something about it.

Rebecca Aldworth, Direction of Canadian Wildlife Issues, HSUS.

Rebecca Aldworth, Direction of Canadian Wildlife Issues, HSUS.

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Canada’s Seal Hunt – Bloody Business

If you happen to come upon this blog, you already know the seal hunt is WRONG. Here are some pictures from Rebecca Aldworth (HSI/Canada) who has been writing and documenting the atrocity on the ice. It is simply heartbreaking. Read her full entries here.

An excerpt:

“So often the suffering of the seals during this slaughter is viewed at a distance.

“It takes a special kind of person to club and shoot helpless baby seals.” © HSI/Sanchez, 04-03-09

From the air, from thousands of feet, somehow the pain of the animals does not transmit properly.

You see them wriggling across the ice, blood trailing behind them. You see their mouths open in a silent scream through the camera lens.

But from the ice it is different. You hear their cries, you see them try to escape, you smell the blood and you feel their terror.

Yesterday, the ProtectSeals team travelled to the seal killing area by our boat (a small, rigid, inflatable vessel), documenting the slaughter from 30 meters away. We witnessed so many seals dying a horrible death, as sealers shot at the terrified babies, and then descended on the wounded, struggling animals with wooden bats.

I will never be able to forget the agonizing assault on one seal. The pup was in front of our boat, and a nearby sealing vessel approached. The pup sniffed the air as if sensing danger.

He looked around, and then the first bullet slammed into him. His scream could be heard all across the water. He tried to crawl away but another bullet ripped through his flesh.

His outraged cries echoed as a third and fourth and fifth bullet hit him. Finally, he dove into the water. He did not come back up. The sealers shrugged nonchalantly and moved on.

We looked around frantically for him but he did not surface. Likely, this baby seal would have bled to death slowly and painfully under the water, like tens of thousands of other seals that are “struck and lost” each year in this cruel slaughter.

I want the world to remember this brave seal. His cries of protest are echoing in my mind and I want them to sound across the world. I want everyone to hear as I did the mortal cries of a wounded baby seal who doesn’t understand why he is being hurt.

And hearing those cries, know as I do that this slaughter simply has to stop.”

Images of the bloody business (via Humane Society of the United States):





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Stop Canada’s Cruel Seal Hunt

via Humane Society of the United States

via Humane Society of the United States

It started yesterday – the first little baby seal killed, just a few weeks old, helpless, crying for his mother, slowly bleeding out on the ice while hunters ripped his skin off his back.

Please spread the word, and if you prefer to help quietly, sign the pledge or donate a little money, as little as you wish, to help humane organizations bring this barbaric slaughter to an end. Millions are doing it!!!!

TAKE ACTION NOW – thanks so much!

How can anyone harm such a face?

How can anyone harm such a face?

A great post by a fellow blogger with more indepth information on the seal hunt here.

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Russia Bans Harp Seal Hunting

Excerpt to the previous post – A small victory for Harp Seals. On March 18, 2009, Russia’s Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology announced a complete ban on the hunting of all harp seals less than one year of age. Hopefully this victory will spread throughout the world and encourage the commercial seal hunt to end.

Read the article here

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Happy 2009

This year marks a significant chapter in American history, as President Obama takes over our country, we hope that he will bring positive change in so many critical issues we are facing today. On my wishlist, of course, is global warming and its impact on our environment and the wildlife that live within. It will not be an easy feat, however, I am hopeful. This year, I will continue to fulfill my duty to bring the most pressing issues about animals, both local and international to my blog. I’d like to do my part in bringing more awareness about animal cruelty to the world.


Starting right now, please do your part of good by helping to  bring an end to the Canadian annual baby seal hunt. Each year, hundreds of thousands of baby harp seals are slaughtered on the ice fields off Canada’s east coast for their pelts. Over 95% of the seals killed during this hunt are just days or weeks old.

Visit to learn more, watch the video, and join the cause. It is a heartbreaking thing and if you already know what this is all about, you are not alone in feeling like you must do something about it.

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Canadian Seal Hunt – Quota 250,000+

header3_final2.jpgThere are many animal rights issues that I advocate, but this one tops the charts.

Imagine a dog, cat, or a furry friend barely 2 weeks old – fresh into the world alongside its mother. Now imagine watching men in black with bull hooks, machetes and shotguns, blowing off, skinning, and bashing its head in, not quite killing it. Imagine it being left to die in agony, while its mother cries out in a heartbreaking sound.It’s another year for the Canadian Seal Hunt. This issue is highly controversial and it’s increasingly gaining public protest and outcry against such a barbaric practice, all in the name of baby white pelts and what Canada claims to help boost their economy. A sorry excuse to carry out a senseless tradition and a few lousy bucks. 

If you can stomach it, watch the video on the site (I can’t), but if you can’t, spread the word by signing up, petition, donate, post threads, write the Canadian government, boycott their products. Or simply just be aware of this issue is good enough. Visit site for more information on how you can help. 

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