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Fur or Faux? NBC News Uncovers Story

from MSNBC

My friends always react in surprise when I tell them that the supposedly “faux fur trim” on their jackets may be real. Now NBC /MSNBC has uncovered the truth of this matter. According to the story, they went undercover to stores like Century 21, Burlington Coat Factory, Loehmans and more and documented this. Some helpful hints:

1) If the ends of the fur are sharp to a point like a cat hair it’s real fur.

2) If you burn it and it smells like human hair burn (like when you lit a cigarette and accidentally caught the tip of your hair), it’s real fur.

3) If you reveal the base of the fur and it’s attached to something that looks like cow hide or suede, it’s real fur.

And finally, just to be on the safe side and how I see it is: If it’s made in China, it’s probably real fur. China breeds racoon dogs for cheap fur, and they have been documented to destroy cats and dogs for various use including fur. Some areas in Korea and Russia also, so I’ve heard.

To be safe, just stay away from fur! Faux or not.


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All the Buzz at Piperlime: Faux Fur

Kudos to Piperlime, one of my favorite online fashion store — they are featuring a season of faux fur coats, vests, and jackets in fabulous styles and prices. I’m a little bit suspicious about jackets with “fur trim”, especially if made in China, and waiting to hear back from them on whether it’s, indeed, faux. As you may or may not know, China claims that their fur trim are faux but recent investigation revealed that the fur are actually made of dog and cat fur. Raccoon dogs are also a big one.

However most of the coats here use 100% acrylic, man made textile that mimic anything from cashmere to fur. Girls – if Piperlime promotes faux fur, why not go faux and be fabulous at the same time?

Check out Piperlime here.

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Happy New Year but not for Dogs in China

First thing’s first. It pains me to having repeat this subject, but with Chinese New Year and the Year of the Tiger this year, it is ironic to imagine how such a culture that put animals as symbols of fortune, prosperity, and pride, can practice such a disgusting act of cruelty to the very same animals they supposedly adorn.

In the below post from a fellow blogger, once again, the subject of dogs and cats beings excruciating mistreated and killed in the name of fur is exposed by a Chinese pedestrian. Below, and he quotes:

“…After throwing the animals on the ground, the workers can also be seen kicking them as they lie helpless and shrieking in pain. According to the video, this inhumane way of producing fur coats is often unknown to western shoppers who buy fur products, oblivious to where the fur has come from. In an email, STOMPer Cheong says:

“What’s wrong with these people? “Circulate this and expose their deeds because they ought to be punished.”

The videos in that post is really graphic. But for those of you who are oblivious to where your furs come from, you NEED to know this, and you need to care. You may say “What’s the difference between you anti-fur people and eating steak or chicken?” Well, there isn’t really. But dogs and cats are one notch up in our world, as they are our companions, even to the Chinese. Many of these dogs are actually STOLEN from their homes illegally. So why are they suffering so, and for fashion?

Let’s make this new year one that’s informed so we can help decrease of unnecessary suffering of all living things.

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China Celebrates Olympics While Animals Continue to Suffer

This is not a favoritism for PETA, however they bring to our attention that while China is celebrating a beloved world event, the Olympics, dogs and cats continue to suffer at the hands of this industrious nation. Fur is bad, especially when they are taken from these feeling, intelligent domestic animals. China is way behind on human rights, and that leaves no place for animals. They are behind in effective and humane animal control (they just don’t care enough to try – spay /neuter/educate), instead they irradicate dogs and cats like vermin. They horrifically stripping their fur while the animals still alive, and falsely label on coats and jackets as “faux furs” to be sold in Western nations.

Please help in sharing with friends and family. If you feel generous, donate to welfare groups fighting this cruelty, or simple SIGN THE PLEGE at this link. The more we speak the more power we will yield for issues we care about.

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